Where Do I Start?

People often ask me what is a HUD Registered Selling Agent and do I need to find an agent that’s registered when I purchase a HUD home?  Since I am a local listing broker for HUD Homes part of my responsibility,  as such, is to teach other agents how to successfully sell these homes, because it’s a very different process than what they are used to and HUD requires that agents who sell these homes be registered with them.  The registration process is simple, but the agent’s broker must have what’s called a NAID number in order for the agent to register.  NAID stands for “Name And Indentifier” and is a number that is applied for through the HUD website, which is www.HUDHomestore.com .  Once the NAID number is obtained then the agents, who work under that broker’s license number, uses it for their registration purposes.

The successful and responsible agent will, of course, have taken my classes and learned the ins and outs of the process so that they can best represent their clients.   The buyer should inquire with their agent if first, they have registered with HUD and if they’ve taken classes to help them with the sale.  If they agent responds that they haven’t please reconsider using them or ask them to get registered and trained, as it will not only help them in their business but will allow them to represent you properly.

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