Selling HUD Homes

One of the greatest responsibilities placed upon us as HUD Local Listing Brokers is to hold monthly outreaches and provide useful resources for agents, lenders, owner occupants and investors. The company which we are a contractor for, BLB Resources, believes heavily in keeping agents all across the county up-to-date on the necessary procedures and requirements for submitting offers on HUD Homes. We too share that vision. Below you will find key documents and training related to selling HUD Homes. For more information and the most up-to-date files, please visit this link.

How to Complete a HUD Sales Contract Package

California Selling Broker Handbook

Most Common Sales Contract Package Errors

Important Reminders Regarding Bidding and Lending on HUD Homes

Most Common Selling Agent Questions

Selling Broker Quick Reference Guide


For Listing Brokers

Are you a HUD LLB looking to host a HUD Outreach and would like some tips? We’ve got you covered! BLB Resources fosters a culture of both education and collaboration. Check out our Best Known Methods training manual for hosting HUD outreaches. We hope it helps!

HUD Buyer Outreach – Best Known Method